Our tried and tested system are designed for Solar Energy Trading, Peak Tarrif Shaving and Essential load backup for your Business or Home

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High Voltage (HV) Battery Energy Storage Systems

Robust powerful modular systems aimed at providing centralised Battery Energy Storage (BESS)

Plug and Play components designed to integrate with exisiting solar systems and Generators

Allowing for Greater Efficiency in Solar System Power management

Our Sunwoda batteries and Deye inverters installed by our certified technicians come with 10 year warrantees

Save and store the power you produce but dont use in the day and on weekends and use it when and where you need it

Solar Power Opimization enhanced Generator fuel saving and management



Providing Energy Savings and backup power at your finger tips

High Voltage (HV) Battery Energy Storage Systems

Sunwoda Energy Units

  • Designed for Battery Cycling and Solar Trading
  • Fast & Simple Charging
  • Modular- capacity can always be added (to provide addtional Load shedding Protection time
  • With Built in Remote Performance Monitoring,  Battery Management
  • Equipped with Smoke Detection, Fire Suppression and Aircon system
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Sunwoda Energy Units

Tired of Loadshedding?

Our Range of Energy Storage solutions are designed for robust and long-term loadshedding protection.

Keep your Home, Business or Buildings running with our modular battery backup systems. Available in Single and Three-Phase, all systems are configured and assembled off-site for a quick and simple installation by our qualified electricians.

Our systems service a range of customers from

Home Owners:- Essential Circuits Lighting TV WiFI and Security Backup

Business Operations:-  Lighting, IT Servers, PC,s, Light Machinery, Security and Communications

Building Services:-  Lifts, Common Area or General Lighting, Three Phase Pumps, Security Sysytems and Access Control


Tired Of Loadshedding?

Low Voltage Loadshedding Protection Systems

Our Loadshedding Protection Systems are ideal for all Commercial sites and homes. Equipped with everything you need for a smooth, simple, turn-key installation.

We offer Single and Three Phase solutions from 5kW to 24kW

  • Sunsynk and Deye Hybrid Inverters
  • Revov and Sunsynk Lithium Batteries
  • Wall-Mounted or Black Steel Battery Cabinet options
  • Pre-built Sub-Distribution Board
  • Battery Cables and Fuses
  • Pre programmed  with Sunsynk and Deye Monitoring Platforms 



Low Voltage Loadshedding Protection Systems

Add a solar array to your existing backup system

Create further  Independence and power savings and return on your investment by adding PV panels to your system

Our hybrid battery solutions are all Solar-ready and can be easily upgraded at any time

Maximize the value of your system and Get a Return on your Investment!.


Add A Solar Array To Your Existing Backup System

Our Electrical Services

We understand Power backup

Our experienced and dedicated electricians listen to your needs and  customize installations to provide for space, capacity and instalation requirements

We specialize in Three Phase Power loads and Distribution boards

Our services include Essential Load Splitting, Phase balancing,   CT clamp and Fluke Metering Services

We provide Electrical COC's with all our projects


Our Electrical Services

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