Omaruru - Namibia - Agricultural Solar PV

We were contracted to provide Grid-Tied, Off Grid, and Solar Hot Water systems to farms in the Omaruru area near Windhoek. We worked with the local farmers and co-operatives in the area. Solutions included power efficiency and power contingency requirements for water pumping. Thinfilm Solar PV Panels were locally supplied; we exported and delivered all other components and equipment from South Africa. Over 4 weeks we installed multiple Grid-Tied, Off-Grid and Hot Water systems with a total Solar PV capacity of 140kW.

Products and Services provided:

  • Inverters: SMA 3000, SMA 7000 HF and Victron 5KW Multiplus
  • Batteries: 260A/H Deep Cycle Gel Acid
  • Roof and Ground Mount Arrays
  • Evacuated-tube Solar Hot Water Collectors
Canadian Solar Sunsynk Longi Solar SolarMD Revov 2nd Life