Gauteng - Rosettenville Hot Water

This solution was designed for a block of flats in Johannesburg. The building’s existing gas boiler system was dysfunctional and we provided a cost-effective retrofit solution to ensure a consistent and metered hot water supply to the tenants.

This system will supply up to than 4600L of Hot Water per day at 55’C, at a base cost of only 4c per litre. This is a more than 75% saving per day compared to electrical resistance heating.

Products and Services provided

  • 24.5kW ITS Heat Pump
  • 2x 500L Boilers
  • 12kW Backup Element
  • 370W Circulation Pump
  • Pressure & Temperature Sensors
  • Remote Wifi Management via Sonof Controllers
  • Master Water & Electricity Meters
  • 23x Water Meters
Canadian Solar Sunsynk Longi Solar SolarMD Revov 2nd Life