Western Cape - Noordhoek - Residential Solar PV

This comprehensive solution was designed to provide sustainable energy savings, long-run backup power and energy independence.

For this home in Noordhoek, we provided a three-phase Solar solution using 3x SMA 5kW Sunny Boy inverters and battery backup on a single phase with a SMA Sunny Island 8.0H battery inverter and 14.4kWh SolarMD Lithium Battery. The Lithium Battery bank also provides additional charging capacity for their electric vehicle.

This solution will provide more than 50% of their annual energy requirements with R65 000 to 70 000 electricity savings in the first year alone.

We later included the 9kW AC-THOR controller to manage their main boiler. This enabled the consumption of excess PV power during the day, reducing lost energy, optimising the performance and reducing the electrical water heating demand.

Products and Services provided

  • 15.9 kW Solar PV Array
  • 14.8 kWh SolarMD Lithium Battery Bank
  • 9kW 3-Phase AC Thor Hot Water Driver
  • Prepaid Electricity Meters
  • Smart Distribution Board
Canadian Solar Sunsynk Longi Solar SolarMD Revov 2nd Life