Western Cape - Durbanville - Residential Solar PV

A major renovation on the house looked towards reducing the daytime energy base load, while providing for larger load-shedding backup capacity. We first installed a 24-Tube Solar Collector to reduce the electrical water heating costs. Then, we provided a 6kW PV Array with a 14kWh Lithium Battery, managed by a 6.0 SMA Sunny Island. The Sunny Island ensures the security of supply to their key loads, enables them to draw power from the battery, and maximises the self-consumption of the Solar PV system.

We also provided a Solar and Lithium Battery solution for this client’s business in Belville.

Products and Services provided:

  • 6kW Solar PV
  • 14.8kWh Lithium Battery
  • Smart Distribution Board
  • 24-Tube Solar Collector
Canadian Solar Sunsynk Longi Solar SolarMD Revov 2nd Life