PV Hybrid Power Solutions  6 Key Benefits Blog
16 February

PV Hybrid Power Solutions 6 Key Benefits Blog

PV Power Optimization


Improve system performance  by


Shifting unused daytime PV Production to Night time loads


OR allow for Grid Tie Feedback


Capacity Shortfall


Expand power capacity on your DB without an expensive municipal supply upgrade


Peak Tarrif (TOU ) shaving


SA municipalities drive to push all LV tarrif users to a TOU based tarrif


Hybrids allow for battery charging at cheaper off peak rates


Which can be discharged on the loads in the day with solar production


Generator alternative and avoid fuel contracts


Reduce the reliance on generators that are expensive to run and require servicing

avoid lengthy fuel procument contracts


Load Shedding back up


Sunsynk inverters with powerful battery chargers and management systems that can

adapt to your power needs in the changing load shedding environment and


improve the backup performance  extend autonmy time for essential loads


O&M Performance and Care


Real time monitoring of all components with the Solar Man app


Alerts Logbook


Performance charting


Battery SOC % viewing through Canbus


Power consumption charting



Canadian Solar Sunsynk Longi Solar SolarMD Revov 2nd Life